Addressing and empowering children, young people and adults who have experienced or are experiencing abuse or neglect.

Our 'We Matter' Project is aimed at supporting children, young people and adults who have experienced child sexual exploitation, violence, neglect or other forms of abuse.  It has been proven that these types of trauma have long lasting effects on a person’s emotional and psychological well-being.

This project is helping us to increase self-esteem, confidence and improve mental health through breaking the cycle of power these traumas can hold over a person.

This funding has enabled I.M.P.A.C.T Northeast to provide specialist 1-1 trauma support which can be accessed through filling a referral forms out (hyper link to referral form). 

This project has supported the introduction of:

  • A parent/carer support drop in group - Supporting parents/carers with somewhere to turn for support. Helping to reduce social isolation and decrease family breakdown.

  • Youth peer support group - Supported by counsellors to improve well-being.

  • Parent workshops - To help raise awareness of protective factors and provide informative sesions to support their child, partner or family member. Looking at cycles of abuse and exploring negative coping strategies. Explore and understand the effects of self-harm and how to support the reduction of negative emotional management.

  • We will also be delivering CSE workshops in schools. Increasing awareness around Childhood sexual exploitation and associate issues e.g. self-esteem, alcohol, drugs, grooming, staying safe and saying NO. Informing young people of the support they can access and increasing their knowledge.
  • If your school would like a free workshop for pupils then please get in touch and email your expression of interested to info@impactnortheast.co.uk