Supporting families to create important attachments through positive bonds and relationships.

Our family orientated toddler group brings together fun and learning.  The group was set up to;

  • To support the bond between parent and child
  • To increase fun and confidence through crafts, songs and play
  • To share our knowledge about why modelling respect, empathy and encouragement is important
  • To enhance children's social skills for everyday life
  • To allow children to feel their own sense of trustworthiness, intuition, capability and autonomy
  • Provide a base to support families to really understand Attachment Theory and share our knowledge
  • Support families to create positive boundaries and routines

    The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention…A loving silence often has far more power to heal and to connect than the most well-intentioned words
    Rachel Naomi Remen


    Parenting is not about ensuring you have your children obedient by whatever means possible, for example showing physical power, threatening or shaming. These assertions of power show your lack of control. Think of parenting as a fluid cycle what goes in the washing machine has to come out the washing machine.

    Now if we think about us the parents for one moment, can I ask you to think about your morals, behaviours, values and emotional availability that make you, you.

    “Understand that the feeling you have in the moment when interacting with your children is the environment that your children are living in.”
    Jack Pransky, Parenting From The Heart

    Your children live in the environment of your feelings. Yes, your children LIVE in the environment of your feelings. So in each and every moment whatever feeling you have as you talk, look, touch and connect with your children will be FELT by them. Kind words spoken in frustrated feeling will not be felt kindly. So it’s not strictly what you say – it’s the feeling you are experiencing when you say it. The key link is that the experience is informed by the thought. The feeling is a shadow of the thought…young children are not expert interpreters but they are excellent preceptors and they live in the sensory feeling state, in the NOW! (Attachment parenting UK, 2018)

    “Our perceptions of our children’s behaviour will always dictate our responses.”

    We also offer an in depth 15 or 25-hour attachment course exclusive to I.M.P.A.C.T Northeast (designed and written by Sharon Boyd)
    Student comments “I have done many courses as a foster carer, but none like this. It has been truly engaging and taken me on a personal journey of self-reflection and discovery. This course should be taken by all expectant parents and professionals working with families. Outstanding”


    Why not join us
    Tuesday Morning 9.30- 11.30
    Grangetown Primary School, Spelterworks Road, Grangetown, SR2 8PX

    Group leaders: Joanne Green and Libby Cole